What to do on the Internet can make money

What to do on the Internet can make money

After all, it was good news that several live-streaming platforms had obtained broadcasting rights for the ICL league for most people. They could watch it on their favorite live-stream platforms.

The viewing experience of Bunny Tail’s live-stream might not be bad, but many viewers had their own preferred live-stream platform after all. It would be uncomfortable to switch to Bunny Tail’s live-stream.

Zhu Yan was very sure that Wolf Fang would definitely be able to gain some popularity after live-streaming the ICL league.

That was because many of Wolf Fang’s old viewers had gone to Bunny Tail live-stream in order to watch the ICL league. Now that Wolf Fang’s live-stream had the same content, why would they still go to the Bunny Tail live-stream? They could just watch Wolf Fang live-stream.

The viewers would definitely make Wolf’s live-stream look better.

Soon, it was 5 PM. The ICL league’s broadcast officially began!

Wolf Fang Live-Stream was the same as other live-stream platforms. The ICL league live-stream was 30 seconds slower than Bunny Tail.

Originally, there was a promotional page countdown before the competition began. However, it would easily be exposed if the countdown did not match the system’s time. Therefore, Long Yu Corporation specially created a 30-second-long introduction.

They would first play the title introduction before entering the official live-stream once the competition officially began.

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It might still be a little stiff but it should not be a problem to fool 90%!o(MISSING)f the audience.

Soon, the first round officially began!

Zhu Yan himself could not understand IOI’s competition, but MOBA games were relatively easy to understand compared to games like FPS and chess. Killing, dismantling towers, pushing bases, the difference in power between the red and blue teams was clear at a glance. Even people who did not understand the game mechanism could roughly understand the fun.