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Although I protested immediately, the blonde hair girl didn’t listen at all.

She turned around and put her fist under her chin and started thinking seriously.

“Exactly. Amano-kun is too gentle, I feel like he’s motivated to do that. When even the pure, degenerate, and cheating guy Uehara-kun can guarantee that, I think it must be true.”


I used a more severe tone since I’m really pissed. However, Karen Tendou still doesn’t seem to realize my mood. Moreover, she’s even mumbling to herself distressingly as she wrapped her hands around her head.

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“It’s because he loves both sides, that’s why he wanted to respect them…This is really Amano-kun’s style, I’m in love with it! That determination to hold true of his own ways made me imagine a lot of things, my heart is pulling on me today! But since he’s so attractive, it’s kind of troublesome to say this-“

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“Hey, Uehara-kun, are you trying to secretly escape from me?”


The stupid woman who’s helplessly in love with her boyfriend grabbed the corner of my suit jacket with sharp eyes…Basically, she’ll pretend that I don’t exist while forcing me to hear her nagging or carry her bags.”

“Ah, I knew it. This treatment is called “slavery” in our society.”

I can’t help but look at the sky. The red sun is burning hot.

“Is it because I stayed in the classroom after school…”

Come to think of it, …once I realized the time that I finished chatting with my friends is the same as the end of the Game Club assembly, I already sensed that something terrible is coming.

So, I nervously walked to the entrance of the school and took a look. Just like what I expected…I met Tendou, who’s explicitly sighing because she’s depressed for some reason.

“If I decided to support Hoshinomori, I really…don’t want to have anything to do with Tendou.”

Although I thought about this in my mind, as a partner in the Hobby Club, …and as a friend, I can’t leave an obviously depressed person behind.