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The common feature of Tengda’s employees was that they would misinterpret Boss Pei’s intentions and find the most profitable methods. At the same time, their understanding of the game led to the successful experience with Tengda Games.

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Pei Qian felt that it might lead to failure even if he were to grab a random person from the other departments to become in charge.

Pei Qian had been failing at trying to ‘make his employees cross industries’ after all.

It seemed like every employee managed to transit successfully.

Get Ma Yang?

No, he could not trust Old Ma in this area with IOI as the precedent.

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Lu Mingliang?

That would be worse. Lu Mingliang himself was a chief planner and had a good understanding of the game industry. Besides, he was doing well in Upwind Logistics; what if Upwind Logistics suddenly became profitable if he transferred him?

That would be a total loss.

After thinking about it, Pei Qian felt that he had to find someone with nothing to do with Tengda Corporation to carry this out.

It would be best if he knew a little about standalone games but not too much.

People who did not understand at all would get a professional consultant. That would become a hidden danger. People who knew too well would be too accurate.

Suddenly, Pei Qian thought of a good candidate.

Pei Qian had a general understanding of Qiu Hong previously during class. He had just failed in a mobile game with paywalls himself, which was why he came to Jingzhou to give lectures and relax.

It was not easy for a successful producer to find investment, let alone a producer who had just failed.

Moreover, Qiu Hong had already started his own business. He would definitely not lower his head to apply for a job in a general company in the short term since he had no financial pressure.

That meant that Qiu Hong probably did not manage to find anything to do during the past six months.

Qiu Hong might have successful experiences, but it was limited to games with paywalls. He originally made standalone games, but that was when he first joined the industry. That standalone game failed.

Pei Qian felt that while Qiu Hong might be very accurate when it came to Krypton Gold Online Games, it might not be the case with standalone games.