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Suddenly, Hirata spoke to me.

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Just now, I saw that he was talking to a bunch of third years away from where I was.

“You’re done settling things already?”

“Yes, although the graduation ceremony was today, many of the upperclassmen will stay on campus for a few more days. I heard that some underclassmen are holding a farewell party for them.”

Since it was Hirata, he should’ve received several invitations to these occasions.

The third-year students could stay until the 5th of April at most.

Of course, students who planned to leave earlier were also allowed to leave.

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Because their time left was limited, they were preparing for their school life to end.

And because I had no reason to refuse him, I returned to the dormitory along with Hirata.

I was walking with Hirata, and after walking past the convenience store, Hirata glanced at me.

Then, as if nothing happened, he faced forwards again.

Hirata had repeated this action several times in the past few minutes.

It was as if Hirata was waiting for an opportunity to start a conversation.

Soon after, Hirata made up his mind and started to speak.

“Actually-Ayanokouji-kun, I want to talk to you.”

Hirata hesitantly said.

For a moment, I thought he was going to speak about the end of year exam, but he did not give me that sort of feeling.

“Is there anything you wanted to discuss?”