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“H-Ha, I-I see…”

Chiaki and I only understood half of it.

Tendou-san continued.

“Then, how far did you two go!? …Are you two still at the ‘friends’ level? Or is it already the final countdown? Don’t tell me you two have already broken up!?”

“Why are you so negative about us!?”

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Chiaki and I still can’t understand this Karen Tendou girl in front of us. She’s sometimes an angel that’s worrying about us. But, at other times, she looks like a devil that wants us to encounter tragedy.

Even so, we still have to answer this question.

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Chiaki and I glanced at each other…and answered at the same time.

“There’s no progress at all…”



Tendou-san did a victory pose before distancing herself from Chiaki and me for some reason. Eh, what happened? Do people hate us going out this much? What did we even do?

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Tendou-san cleared her throat after noticing our faces. …Her mood got better somehow. She smiled and continued.

“I’m glad to hear that. …Yes, what a relief! I, Karen Tendou, can go to my club safely today!”


What should I do? I don’t understand Tendou-san the more I talk to her.

She hummed a song as she grabbed her school bag.