How to write a post on the Internet

How to write a post on the Internet

If no one was interested in the GPL quota this time and could not be sold for much, the club owners would definitely not have such an attitude.

Thus, Pei Qian was neither angry nor understanding.

“So, may I know if you intend to fulfill the contract?”

Pei Qian went straight to the point, paying no attention to these three people trying to get close to him.

The three club owners looked at each other before Ding Gan spoke.

“Boss Pei, of course we have to fulfill our contract. We businessmen have the spirit of a contract. We cannot go back on our words.”

“However... putting aside the little interlude before this, we genuinely support the GPL league.”

“Why don’t we do this? We’ll give you 15 million yuan as promised. Other than that, each club is willing to give you another 5 million yuan. The three clubs could give you a total of 60 million yuan. We’ll buy three more GPL slots. What do you think?”

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Obviously, the three club owners had discussed this before they came.

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At this point, they had very few options left.

They definitely could not break the contract. That was equivalent to falling out with Boss Pei and all the other clubs that had just won the GPL quota. He would not be able to keep his face and money.

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Of course, these three clubs could also choose to take the money and leave. However, if that happened, it would be almost impossible for them to return to the GPL league.

That was because according to the situation of this auction, the slots for the GPL league would definitely become more and more expensive. Now that 15 million yuan had been sold together with the slots, it was absolutely impossible to buy them back in the future.

Thus, these three clubs wanted to give it a try and see if Boss Pei could give them an additional three slots if they gave him twenty million yuan.

That would be directly expanding the quota for the GPL league to 19.

That was because the GPL league had not been finalized yet. There was still room for discussion.

However, if the GPL’s schedule and competition format were finalized in a month or two, it would be impossible to add more people.