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“Although Fish-Catching Internet Cafe is making losses-as long as our shop is still open, we would still be an existing competitor to these shops. Perhaps they wish to hit us when we’re down and won’t rest until we go bust?

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“Furthermore, internet cafes, bars, coffee houses… for so many shops to do promotion activities at the same time? They seemed to be acting in concert. Perhaps someone is orchestrating this behind the scenes!”

Ma Yang looked as if he was facing a formidable enemy, “What should we do?”

Zhang Yuan’s brows knotted as he thought for a long time. “This is rather sticky; our opponent seemed to have come well-prepared!

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“These few shops have started the price war. The internet cafes, bars, and coffee houses are all reducing their prices and desperately sending out flyers. If I haven’t guessed wrongly, the few street entrances near our internet cafe have already been taken over by them.”

“This way, all consumers that wish to come to our internet cafe will definitely see their flyers and promotion activities. As there isn’t that much customer flow in this area to start with

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—if even the few that came were lured away, we would become even worse off.”

Realization dawned on Ma Yang as he said slightly angrily, “No wonder there are so few customers today!”

Zhang Yuan continued, “Not only that! I feel as if the opponent has done his homework, and this move of his is to hit us at our soft

“According to Boss Pei’s plan, our internet cafe has always been a high-class one; our prices are naturally higher than other places. The opponent wishes to drag us into a price war with them. This is very complicated for us.

“If we don’t lower our prices, we would be at a severe price disadvantage; we couldn’t compete.

“For example, our original prices are forty percent higher than other places’. However, we have a better atmosphere and better service. Some customers would be happy to spend a little more money to enjoy the superior service here.

“However, if our opponent is burning cash and lowering prices even more, our prices might become sixty percent higher or more. Would customers be willing to spend so much money just for our better atmosphere and service?”

Ma Yang frowned, “In that case, should we lower our prices as well?”

Zhang Yuan shook his head, “No! We are a high-class and posh outfit; lowering our prices would damage our reputation. Furthermore, if we have to burn cash like them, we are already losing money; how could we win against them?

“Furthermore, don’t forget what Boss Pei said when we raised the issue of lowering prices back then.”