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“At least more than you. Although they’re not dating, Komiya-kun certainly likes Shinohara-san, right?”

“Eh? Komiya likes Shinohara, really? Oh, but he did say he liked a girl from another class… although I only vaguely remember it…”

Ishizaki recalled a past memory, and told us this.

If any students were to form a group, it was natural for one to seek something from the other. Elements such as ability, friendship, or even, romantic feelings. Like Nishino said, if Komiya had a crush on Shinohara, then it was reasonable for him to want to form a group with her.

“But why do you care about that?”

“I saw the two of them together this morning. Since Komiya called Shinohara by her first name, I felt that they were close, which is why I thought it might be the case.”

“Ahh… Eh, what? Don’t tell me, Ayanokouji, that…. You like Shinohara?”

Even though I denied it immediately, Ishizaki had a delighted smirk as if he had already convinced himself of that fact

“Wha? She’s the type of girl a blockhead like you’d fall for though? Am I right, am I right?”

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“I just said no.”

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“Don’t hide it from me, we’re close friends, eh?”

No, I don’t think we were that close at all until the Mixed Training Camp…

Indeed, I had recently gotten to know his character even better than my own not-so-familiar classmates.

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“But since it’s you, I’m pretty sure you can aim for a cuter girl.”

If this continued any further, there was a possibility that false rumours would start spreading.

If that happened, the relationship between Ike and Shinohara might become even more tenuous than it is now.