Taobao sells wine to make money?

Taobao sells wine to make money?

And when I arrived at the issue at hand,

「Oh… He’s in our dungeon right now.」

An unbelievable answer which I did not expect.

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「Is that true!?」


「Please let me see him!」

Clown-san stated his refusal bluntly.

「W-Why not?」

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「If you find out the location of the spot… You’re going to go, aren’t you? To the Holy Ronelia Empire?」

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Unusual for Clown-san, he asked me with a serious look.


There’s no use lying. So I answered honestly.

「Then I can’t let you see Rain. Let me be frank, it’s too early for you to go to the Empire.」

Clown-san said, and continued with a heavy tone.