Online play mobile money

Online play mobile money

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< System Funds will be supplemented. Target amount: 50 million >

< System Funds: 44,240,000 replenished... >

<System Funds topping up completed.>

< System Funds: 50,000,000+16,320,000 >

< Fixed Assets: 163,322,000 >

< Personal Wealth: 3,148,000 >

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< If you convert more than 800,000 yuan per cycle, you will receive a mysterious reward with a huge impact. >

< It can consume a certain amount of Personal Wealth and increase a certain amount of income from a certain industry. The ratio is 1: 100. It can be used once in the current cycle. The amount of Personal Wealth consumed cannot exceed 100,000 yuan.>

[Unfinished project: Mission and Choice project. The game and the movie must be released before the next settlement.]

“Alright, I’ll be proud of myself again in the next cycle!” Pei Qian felt that he had become stronger again.

The next settlement would be six months later, which was July 31, 2012. Pei Qian had plenty of time.

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While the game ‘Mission and Choice’ and the movie had to be released during this cycle, it also meant that Pei Qian could create a new pit and delay the release of the product in the next cycle.

In any case, there was no need to worry about money being spent as long as the business was big enough.

Pei Qian had roughly thought about what to do for the next project that would be postponed: to open a new project for Thriller Hostel!