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How does the editor make money online?

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“Indeed, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of the players and letting them provide the ideas and contents. Our designers will only need to be responsible for screening, modification, and balancing. It would solve this problem perfectly!”

Min Jingchao stood up suddenly. “I’m going to make an activity plan!”

Pei Qian watched some drama for a while after Hu Xianbin left. He looked at the time. It was already three in the afternoon.

“I haven’t seen Old Ma for a while. I’ll head to Dream Realization Ventures for a while.”

Pei Qian just remembered about it. He wanted to go to Dream Realization Ventures to ask Old Ma about the projects that he was optimistic about, but he was so busy that it slipped his mind.

The weather today was just fine to head out. He would also be able to understand the current situation with Old Ma and Dream Realization Ventures.

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Pei Qian told Old Ma previously to let him know immediately once he found a suitable project. However, Old Ma seemed to have made no movement even after so long. Pei Qian could not help but feel bothered. What the hell was the b*stard Ma Yang busy with?

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He was not worried about Ma Yang lazing around and spending money in secret. That was because Pei Qian had requested that all investments in Dream Realization Ventures had to be approved by him after the previous venture into Finger Games.

Dream Realization Ventures must not have spent a single cent if no one had asked for instructions.

Here was the question then. What was he doing if Ma Yang was not spending any money?

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Sun Strike Studios.

“Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.?”

“They want to come to our studios for a learning exchange?”

Zhou Muyan was befuddled.