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Chang You: “Little Jiang is a little nervous. He even declined a few times. Obviously, he’s not very confident. Please help him out in the future.”

Wang Xiaobin smiled at Jiang Yuan. “It’s alright. I was just as nervous as you when I was the person-in-charge. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do well.”

“However, there is a magical thing in Tengda. Everyone would be encouraged by the Tengda spirit no matter who was chosen to be the person-in-charge and would definitely be able to do a good job. I was afraid that I would not be able to do it well at first. However, Boss Pei kept giving me projects and trained me. Thus, I slowly got better.”

“What’s more, since Boss Chang chose you, it must mean that you have the potential. You will be able to perform as long as you get the stage to. What’s more, we can back you up even if something happens.”

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Jiang Yuan was very touched. “Thank you, Brother Wang.”

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In fact, he had just received this news two days ago. He felt... quite sudden and lost.

The next person-in-charge of Otto Technologies had to be decided by Chang You even though he had to give up the position.

Jiang Yuan was filled with fear and trepidation when he found out that Chang You had chosen him in the end. However, Chang You was only changing departments. He could still consult Chang You if he had any questions. Secondly, the change of person-in-charge of Tengda’s department had always been so casual. It seemed like nothing had gone wrong until now. On the contrary, it had been very successful. Thus, Jiang Yuan did not feel conflicted anymore. He calmly accepted the fact that it fell into his lap.

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He felt much more at ease with everyone so supportive of him.

Chang You looked at Jiang Yuan. “You’re the person-in-charge now. You’ll be the host of this meeting.”

Jiang Yuan nodded. “Alright, I’ll briefly explain the design plan for the smart fitness drying rack. Then, our focus today is to discuss the game plan with the equipment.”

Wang Xiaobin nodded. He had already written his game design draft.

Jiang Yuan distributed the first design draft of the Intelligent Fitness drying rack to everyone before introducing it.

“We made slight adjustments to the previous design plan mainly in terms of safety and some details after we discussed it repeatedly with the factory. However, the changes were not huge.”

“There was also some controversy during our internal discussions. I think we need to clarify the market positioning of this machine.”

“Domestic fitness equipment itself is a niche market. The Chinese don’t have fitness habits to begin with. This equipment is expensive and takes up a lot of space. This is a natural disadvantage. It’s difficult to turn the situation around with just the products.”

“It is unrealistic to expect to sell this equipment to millions of people.”