2018 online earning project

2018 online earning project

Of course, if I am putting my stuff on a public platform, it’s unrealistic to hope that there will only be positive comments. I knew this a long time ago, no need for you to remind me. I’ve already realized this from my school life to the point that I don’t want to anymore.

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However, that’s the reason that I wanted to go after times that can be enjoyed by both parties within the game development community.

But then, seemingly inversely proportional to my amount of investment, the longer I’m active as a F2P game developer, the less I can enjoy simple times like that.

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Learn programming to prevent the same content every time. Revolutionize the gameplay mechanics while maintaining my individuality. I started to face requests after requests.

Of course, that’s the price I have to pay if I wanted to reach the next level. I understand.

Even so…even so, sometimes…like when a game that I’ve dumped months into was mercilessly complained by someone, I just don’t understand why am I continuing.

No one will accept things like this, after all. Yet, I spent months working on it out of my courtesy. This is just tragic, really tragic.

I’m here to heal my exhausted mind that dealt with everything in school so that I can have to encourage to face what is to come tomorrow, that’s why I’m interested in entertainment like this. But, once I snapped out of it, I realized that I’m being strictly and cruelly judged, even forced to compete with others. This is just…taking the branch before the root.

However, although I kept being pessimistic, the reason that I never gave up on publishing games as NOBE is because-

It’s all because of a single person.

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A person that has always shared my emotions, sense of distance, warmth, and frolicked with me.

That guy will stroll around my blog. I’m always waiting for his ordinary, a bit awkward yet warm comments.

Being able to understand each other mutually but not to the point where it’s an interruption, only solidly sharing the “joyous” part. I feel really free in this relationship.

I sometimes even felt it’s okay to take harsh comments, as long as I get to play with this distant person.