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“In other words, you have no intention of retracting those rumors.”

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“Aren’t you misunderstanding something here? There’s no way to ‘take back’ rumors. Rumors flow from one way to the next, spreading out however they please. I just caught wind of them and helped passed them along.”

While he admitted to helping spread the rumor along, Hashimoto clearly denied that he was the original source.

However, that didn’t make Kanzaki back down.

It seems that from the beginning, Kanzaki was aware that Hashimoto wasn’t the origin for the rumors.

“These last few days, I’ve been doing a thorough investigation on you guys in Class A.”


“I determined that the source of the rumors all come from various students from the first-year Class A. Then, when we asked those people where they heard it from, they would give vague responses like ‘I don’t remember’ or ‘I heard it from someone else.’ Mighty similar to the response that you gave me just now. The true meaning behind this? You should already understand, Hashimoto.”

It means that someone had given instructions to everyone from Class A.

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“I’m sorry, Kanzaki, but I have no idea what you’re talking about. If you don’t mind, would you please explain it to me?”

“The rumors about Ichinose were almost certainly propagated by your Class A.”

“I don’t intend on listening to your excuses. I didn’t just ask first-years. I also consulted second-year and third-year students who claimed to have heard the rumors from you guys. If necessary, I can ask them to come out and confirm the facts in person.”

From the looks of it, Kanzaki and his classmates have been excessively thorough with finding the origin of the rumors.

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He’s been convinced that the whole operation was spearheaded by Class A.

And with that, he’s now gone and approached Hashimoto.

Based on the fact that Kanzaki is here on his own, without a group, Class B is doing this out of consideration for Ichinose.

If a large number of students were to make a scene, it would end up attracting even more attention from students. Even those who aren’t interested in rumors in the first place.