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“Anyway, thanks for the great help. I think I’ll talk to Horikita about this. If Nishino’s having trouble forming a group, you can talk to me. I might be able to help in some way.”

“I said I don’t need anything in return.”

“We should help each other when things are tough. I’ll help you as much as I can.”

“Thanks, although it’s not easy for you either, do your best.”

After listening to Ishizaki’s word of sympathy, I decided to tell Horikita about this.

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That evening, I called Horikita to the cafeteria.

Since the cafe was a busy place, even if there were students around us trying to eavesdrop on our conversation, they would have a hard time trying to make out what was being said.

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I expressed my concerns to Horikita about the current situation between Ike, Shinohara, and Komiya and that it might affect this upcoming uninhabited island exam. Ike liked Shinohara but still hasn’t made a move. Komiya, however, was planning to confess soon.

Horikita’s reaction upon hearing my concerns was…

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“Isn’t it fine to just leave them alone?”

As I had partly expected, her reaction to this was indifference.

“I thought we had a serious problem on our hands, since you’re the one coming to consult me… but this isn’t our problem to fix. Besides, I’ve evaluated Ike-kun’s ability as a boy scout to be high, so we should group him with regards to his ability, not his feelings.”