How to do handmade online

How to do handmade online

When Team Two was in the lead, the bullet screen comments indicated that there was indeed no problem with the lineup. One could only blame itself for losing with this lineup because they were lousy. The fact that Team One and Two could obtain an early economic advantage with this lineup was enough to explain the problem.

When Team One found a chance to gain advantage and deliver a zero to four to Team Two, the bullet screen comments expressed that this lineup was still not good. Such a high huge lead in economies could be crushed with a single touch. The margin for error was too low.

In the end, the bullet screen comments showed that there was no problem with this lineup when Team Two won the competition. It might not be good at good fights but as long as they obtained enough economic advantages in the early stages, they would still have the capital to take one shot at the later stages.

The two matches, together with the preparation time in between, had played for a total of one and a half hours. During this period, the bullet screen comments in the live-stream did not stop at all. The audience’s discussions were simply bursting with life!

Those who thought that there was no problem with the BP and those who thought that there was a problem with the BP were arguing non-stop. A wave of losing or winning directly determined which group of the audience had the upper hand on the bullet screen.

Finally, the two commentators summarized the two matches today.

“Alright, today’s two BP verification competitions have been completed. We have roughly tested the actual strength of this so-called ‘Underworld Lineup’ through the results of the competition.”

“The side that chose the ‘Underworld lineup’ won in both rounds, but the way they won was different.”

“Obviously, the advantage of this so-called ‘Underworld Lineup’ is between the tenth to twenty-fifth minute. Therefore, we cannot have too much economic disadvantage in the early stages. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to snowball during the strong period of the lineup. The entire game would have no chance of winning.”

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“However, the side that chose this lineup would basically be able to obtain an advantage in the face of strong opponents. This means that this lineup would not be easily targeted in the early stages. If a first-level team is defeated, it can only be said that there is a problem with the tactical use.”

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“Being able to obtain an advantage steadily is enough to show that this lineup is not as ‘underworld’ as many viewers think.”

“However, whether this lineup can win the competition or not depends on how much economic advantage they can obtain in the mid-stages and whether they are qualified in terms of vision control, propelling tempo, and resource competition in the mid to late stages. The other party will seize the opportunity to form a good team once there are any mistakes. The situation between the two sides might instantly reverse.”

“The weaker a team was, the lower the chance of winning the competition through this lineup. That’s because the weaker teams are unable to achieve the advantage of this lineup when it comes to vision control, propelling rhythm, and resource competition.”

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“Therefore, the results of this BP verification competition are as follows: The lineup of both teams would be about 60%!t(MISSING)o 40%!w(MISSING)in rate in the hands of two strong teams, and it might be the opposite in the hands of two weak teams. It would be 40%!t(MISSING)o 60%!”(MISSING)

“This BP requires excellent first-tier team setup and the ability to quickly snowball. Once the tempo was broken in the middle, the other party could easily turn the tables. The margin of error is very low. It’s best for teams with poor discipline, insufficient practice and not enough proficiency not to try.”