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However, what was very strange was that the lads from the marketing department did not have any doubts at all and finished filming the promotional video very efficiently. Boss Pei did not have any doubts and even praised Meng Chang!

At that moment, Meng Chang even thought that everyone was acting in concert with him. He had a magical feeling of “Am I crazy or is the entire world crazy”.

Thus, he did not know how to react even though Boss Pei had praised him. He stood rooted to the ground, speechless.

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Pei Qian did not say much. He felt that this promotional video was not bad.

On one hand, it was very educational and reminded everyone not to be addicted to live-streaming. They had to do more meaningful things and be responsible for their own lives. On the other hand, it also dissuaded the target users of Rabbit Tail Live-stream.

It was quite perfect!

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Pei Qian handed the tablet back to Meng Chang. “Show this video to Old Ma. Tell him that I’ve already agreed to use this version.”

The confused Meng Chang left Tengda headquarters with his tablet and took a car to Bunny Tail Live-Stream.

The office building OF Bunny Tail Live-Stream was the place where Ma Yang had been live-streaming previously. However, Ma Yang rented a few more work desks and hired some professionals after the decision to set up Bunny Tail live-stream. At the moment, he was working hard on developing the application, and various preparations were being done in sync.

Meng Chang felt a little apprehensive when he saw Boss Ma playing with the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine at his desk.

In his heart, Boss Ma was second only to Boss Pei in Tengda Corporation.

Boss Pei had sent Boss Ma to his news conference to undermine him previously. Every move from the expert was dangerous.

The publicity plan this time had been passed by Boss Pei hastily, but could it pass muster Boss Ma as smoothly?

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Meng Chang was very suspicious.

He calmed himself down and walked to Boss Ma. “Boss Ma, the publicity video for Bunny Tail Live-Stream has been done. Boss Pei asked me to bring it to you. He said that he has agreed to use this version.”

Ma Yang was playing the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine seriously. He said without turning his head, “We’ll use this version since Boss Pei said to use this version. It doesn’t matter whether I watch it or not.”

Meng Chang was shocked. “Boss Ma, you should take a look! Otherwise, I won’t be able to report back.”