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He no longer had any impression of the original version of Fantasy Battle’s CG. The feeling that this current CG gave him was that it did not seem to have changed much, just a little.

It seemed like he had only improved the quality and resolution of the old CG?

This CG did not have that kind of mosaic feeling. It looked very clear. However, the problem was that the details of the patterns in CG were a mess. The weeds on the ground looked unreal. Even the shape of the soldier inside did not change!

It was very modern.

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“That shouldn’t be the case. I know that CG is expensive, but can they at least make it better?”

“Alright, they might have spent the money on the more important CGs at the back. After all, the plot of this game is too long and there are too many CGs. It might not be able to handle all of them. It’s understandable to redo them in batches.”

Qiao Liang could only comfort himself in this way.

He clearly remembered that the last part of the plot of Fantasy Battle was especially exciting. The direct confrontation between the two popular characters only needed the CG to be redone. It would not be a big deal if the trashy plot CG that these small fries were fighting previously was not redone.

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After the CG, the Battle Campaign Log began.

Qiao Liang frowned again.

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“This interface... is really remade? I can’t tell the difference!”

“No, the progress bar seems to be even worse than before.”

“Why isn’t the word ‘loading’ in the progress bar in the middle yet? A little to the left? Is he trying to drive OCD to death? Even interns can’t make such a mistake when they do PowerPoint, right?”

“Something’s not right. Is this the official version? Are you sure it’s not a semi-finished product?”

Qiao Liang had already sunk into deep self-doubt before he even saw the official game graphics.