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“(I will face Amano-kun from the front. That’s it.)”

With renewed determination, I walked into class F with an invigorating smile.

“Excuse me. Is Amano-kun here?”

Amano Keita

“Excuse me. Is Amano-kun here?”

When Tendo-san appeared at the entrance, my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my mouth.

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“(S-she came! She came!)”

Although I prepared for it the whole day, I didn’t believe that she would come and say my name, and I was starting to think that she might not come.

“I-I’m h-h-h-here!”

All of the gazes in the room turned to Tendo-san. I stood up while raising my hand as I trembled all over.

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As I did so, all the gazes the turned towards me. …U-uu!

Tendo-san was composed like always and had an elegant smile—she looked like a model with her beautiful posture and her gait as she walked towards me.

In the crowded classroom, filled with people from other classes who had heard the rumor, Tendo-san was like Moses parting the red sea as she walked.

I felt the same dizziness from the attention I got when I was invited to the Gamers Club, but uehara-kun grabbed my arm and said “Hey”, bringing me back to my sense.

Looking around the classroom, I obviously saw Uehara-kun, and Aguri-san in the distance… and, looking like she had followed Tendo-san, I saw Chiaki poking her head out around the entrance.

And, those four people… unlike the other onlookers, who were smirking at the situation, they all had earnest expressions.

“(Everyone… to go so far… for me…)”

I was really moved. Even though I don’t want to include seaweed girl… well, I guess she’s still a friend. I’m grateful.