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The two of them stared at each other. The employee quickly asked, “Boss Liu, what should we do?”

Liu Liang’s brain worked quickly. “I’ll give Zhao Xuming a call!”

There was still a possibility of Long Yu Corporation and Bunny Tail Live-Stream cutting it off if they had not signed the contract yet.

Everyone knew that Boss Pei had always been swift and efficient. Thus, Liu Liang did not dare to delay and immediately called Zhao Xuming.

It rang many times before the other party slowly picked up. “Hello? Boss Liu, what’s the matter?”

Zhao Xuming’s attitude was indescribably calm and relaxed.

Liu Liang’s heart paused momentarily. He had a bad feeling.

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Previously, Zhao Xuming had been the one rushing to find him to sell the ICL broadcast rights. He had been very polite and had even given him various preferential conditions.

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However, Zhao Xuming’s tone was obviously cold now.

Liu Liang quickly said, “Boss Zhao, I heard that you’re discussing the exclusive broadcasting rights of ICL with Bunny Tail Live-Stream?”

Zhao Xuming did not comment. “Ah, what’s wrong?”

Liu Liang: “Boss Zhao, that’s a little unethical! We’ve been talking about the broadcasting rights previously, and we haven’t come to a conclusion. You suddenly want to sell the exclusive broadcasting rights to Bunny Tail live-stream without even saying anything, isn’t that a little unreasonable?”

Zhao Xuming smiled. “Oh, Boss Liu, I actually planned to tell you tomorrow, after we’ve officially signed the contract with Bunny Tail Live-Stream. Hey, you can’t blame us. It’s mainly because you don’t seem too interested in the ICL league. Of course, we have to find a more suitable buyer.”

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Obviously, Zhao Xuming was not going to let him off now. He would not say anything harsh but he could not avoid being sarcastic.

That was because Zhao Xuming had previously gone around begging for help from these live-stream platforms to promote ICL’s broadcast rights. In the end, the Vice-Presidents of these live-stream platforms had lowered their price and postponed it. They were good at Taiji, causing Zhao Xuming to be filled with anger.

Why couldn’t I return the favor you did me?

Given the current situation, he would definitely vent his anger from a few days ago!