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Phone QQ group how to make money online

“Boss Pei, the development of Struggle had basically come to an end. Can we start formulating a publicity plan? Can you give me a general direction? Or do not publicize, and we wait for the players to find out themselves?”

Hu Xianbin had no idea about the game’s publicity works. He had to confirm with Boss Pei.

Boss Pei was a well-deserving publicity master when promoting a game.

“Publicity proposal...”

Pei Qian fell into deep thoughts.

To some independent game designers, not propagating was basically tantamount to hitting rock bottom. However, Tengda Games no longer had such good things happening to them.

Tengda Games had a reputation now as their successes increased. Any new game would definitely be on hot search by the players, and the media would be rushing to report it. Everyone would shout ‘I will f*cking buy until it’s out of stock!’

It was futile to hope that ‘no one would notice as long as I don’t publicize’.

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However, if they were to publicize... wouldn’t that be more popular and would earn more? This was disastrous.

However, Pei Qian was no longer the same man he was in the past. He had theoretical reserves now!

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Teacher He once mentioned an important theory: all aspects of the game must match. Especially publicity works must be consistent with the characteristics of the game itself. There should be no misalignment between publicity and the actual product.

Pei Qian’s publicity plans only succeeded previously because he was lucky.