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Eight online money-making projects

There was a huge difference between a hunting rifle and a bow.

The shotgun was to be shot with a right hand handle. There was an aim on the shotgun which required one to aim and pull the trigger.

When shooting, the controller would vibrate to simulate the recoil of the gun.

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The gunshot would scare the small animals nearby and make them run farther. Thus, if they only wanted to hunt one prey, they could use a shotgun. If they wanted to fight a few more, they could only use bows and arrows.

On the other hand, the operation method of the bow and arrow was completely different from the hunting rifle. The left hand would be holding the bow after pulling out the bow and arrow. Players would have to raise the left hand to aim.

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When the right hand reached to the right side of the head and pressed the trigger button, the arrow would be pulled out of the quiver. When it was placed on the bowstring, the right hand’s handle would continue to tremble slightly, indicating that the arrow had been loaded. At this time, the right hand would clench and pull. The two handles would start to tremble. The greater the pull, the stronger the vibration.

The arrow would be shot once the right hand was released after aiming at the prey. At that moment, the left hand would also have the corresponding vibration to simulate the feeling of the bow being released.

Compared to the shotgun that could only be loaded with two bullets and had to be loaded manually after shooting, the bow and arrow could be fired continuously as long as one was proficient in it. The shooting speed would be faster if the left hand remained still and the right hand kept pulling the bowstring. However, whether the accuracy could be guaranteed depended on one’s operation.

The operation of fishing was completely different. After choosing the fishing rod, it would appear on the right hand side by default. There would also be a parabolic arc. After choosing the location, he would press the trigger button and make a tossing motion. Then, he could start fishing.

While fishing, he would be able to control the direction of the fishing rod with his right hand and keep the line with his left.

It was the same as fishing in real life. The fish in the game could not be pulled up violently after taking the bait. Instead, they had to walk the fish through a certain method. That was because the larger the size of the fish, the greater the strength it had. Forcefully pulling the line would cause a disconnection or disconnection. They had to walk the fish until they were exhausted before pulling the line.

While walking the fish, the controller of the right hand would continue to vibrate. The vibration would depend on the strength of the fish’s struggle. At that moment, players had to control the direction of the fish by moving the controller.

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Once he caught it, he could use the left controller to observe and keep the fish.