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“Tch…oh, well. So?”

「I will deliver the words of the boss as they are. [A new king has ascended the throne of Angela Kingdom, the kingdom above the clouds].」


The message was a quandary I myself had never even considered at all.

「Also… [In order to appeal to the people, the new king is about to make a move to capture the biggest stain in the kingdom’s history, the traitor Jamdi’el]… he said.」

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“Huh!? Wh, what?”

「[The situation of the Isolationist Nation on the Surface World doesn’t matter. Return to the Demon Realm now. All three of you, if you have found the key]… he said.」

I never thought that the past that I had abandoned hundreds of years ago would find me.

“Tch… what to do now. In the past, all the promising Valkyries sent my way were beaten, and since then, have dreadfully retreated into the clouds… but, for Hakuki to advise me to such extent…”

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After all, not everything goes as smoothly as I would have it.

Must there always be some sort of trial?

But can I come this far only to end in ruin?