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“I can’t believe you’re asking me…”

Uehara-kun, who’s putting his right elbow on the edge of the window, answered lazily.

“Well, I do admire the fact that you’re willing to trust me and view me as a friend, even going so far to provide all the online interactions you’ve done.”

“Y-Yes. I do think that all of these are quite shocking to you…”

“Nope, it’s not that at all. You’re just nagging over the intelligence that I gathered a long time ago once more.”

“How…how did you know everything beforehand! Don’t tell me…you’re actually…”

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Don’t tell me Uehara-kun has been stalking me! I trembled as Uehara-kun scratched his head like it’s nothing and continued.

“By the way, how’re you going to face Amano now? Don’t you view him as your rival?”

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I lowered my head awkwardly. Then, Uehara-kun sighed at me.

“Sigh, you can keep that part to your own. I already figured things out on my own.”

“I-I’m convinced.”

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I lowered my head and glanced at Uehara-kun’s slightly melancholic face.

“But, didn’t Uehara-kun say that he loves me…?”

So, his confession earlier was really just a joke, right? Well, I guess so, …but, …hmm…

Just as I’m pondering, Uehara-kun continued.

“Usually, why don’t you just say that ‘I’m still busy’ and reject him?”