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Therefore, among these managers, Manager Su was the least determined and actively rejected Mr. Pei’s proposal to increase prices, not wanting to make the scene too ugly.

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The atmosphere in the conference room became subtle again.

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Pei Qian panicked instead.

No, please don’t break the momentum caused by Manager Li!

It would have been a great thing to spend millions more. No one dared to increase the price further this way. Wouldn’t I be in an awkward position?

Pei Qian waved his hand. “How can that do?! We view everyone fairly!

“I think it’s not that everyone did not want to increase prices, but you are too embarrassed to speak up.

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“Zhang Yuan, let’s do it this way. Raise the expected price of all clubs by one million; we’ll sign the contract according to this.”

Zhang Yuan froze for a moment. What do you mean? Was it okay for Boss Pei to take the initiative to raise the price?

However, he saw Boss Pei’s firm eyes; he couldn’t ask more on such an occasion. He could only record silently.

The look of contempt that had been cast at Manager Su before disappeared.

Since all clubs had their prices raised by one million, everyone was mentally balanced, and there was no need to worry about Tengda taking revenge on them.

Boss Pei initiated it himself after all!

Pei Qian was also very happy. He smiled and asked: “Okay, now I’ll assume that everyone, like the SUG club, is determined to sell the club at this price, right? If no one objects, I will get the Legal Department to prepare the contract for everyone.”

Pei Qian didn’t plan to ask them one by one. He tried to muddle over and assumed that everyone would sell GOG divisions by default.

The club managers looked at each other, seeing confusion in one another’s faces.

Boss Pei... which side were you on?