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That disclaimer contained many detailed clauses and even asked if Qiao Liang suffered chronic diseases like heart diseases. He had to answer truthfully.

Qiao Liang checked the relevant boxes, signed the form, and then handed it back to the girl.

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Compared to ordinary haunted houses, Thriller Hostel was actually much safer. That was because the horror levels of the three projects gradually increased.

Anyone who could make it through the ‘Haunted House Nightmare’ would have proven that their heart and mind were capable of enduring a certain level of shock. That significantly reduced the chances of unexpected situations occurring.

The corpse-like girl stiffly took the disclaimer, checked it carefully, and then kept it. After that, she slowly took out a key and placed it on the table.

Qiao Liang fearfully picked it up and said, “I-Is there anything I have to take note of?”

The zombie didn’t answer him. Instead, she stared at him blankly with her blood-filled eyes.

Qiao Liang did not know what to say. “...”

He silently used the key to unlock the door and then entered a dimly-lit corridor.

Before this, Qiao Liang had heard Chen Kangtuo talking about the ‘Ultimate Horror’ before. It was located in a huge factory building, and a dimly-lit and cramped corridor like that probably connected all the little projects together to form a ring-like structure.

Although the long corridor’s set-up looked like outdated horror, compared to the fear that Qiao Liang had felt in the ‘Haunted House Nightmare’, it was nothing much.

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Obviously, the ‘Ultimate Horror’ would get progressively scarier. Those who had made it through the ‘Haunted House Nightmare’ could take time to adjust in the early stages of this project, and they would not be dissuaded from going through with it at the beginning.

There was another door at the end of the corridor. This time, he did not need a key. However, just like the previous door, he had to pull this one open.