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"Don't mess with me, I won't let them have an easy consecutive win. I'm going to beat that bastard Ryuuen down".

Speaking of which, during the first round earlier, Ryuuen who had been part of the attacking team, only played the role of an observer. It's because they were already dominating without even needing him to join in. Sudou probably couldn't stand that fact.

"Come out, C. Come out, C".

Sudou continuously whispers that but honestly, it'll prove difficult if the power centric Class C were to assemble and come after us. I think it'll be easier on us if it's Class B attacking us.

As both sides complete their preparations, the start of the second round is at hand. Now then---

"They're here, they're here. They've come!".

Apparently things didn't go the way I had hoped and it ended up going Sudou's way. Building up to an attack, strong students from Class C glared at us. Then the leader who brought that class together as one, Ryuuen, also laughed boldly from the rear.

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Almost like he's a tactician commanding the battlefield and along with the signal to start the match, he gave them the order to charge.

It was most likely a simple instruction.

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Beneath the words 'topple it' were the soldiers frightened by his tyranny into taking offensive action. Students with huge bodies similar to Sudou's, looking like they're the sports club type, came charging in.

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They attacked us like an advancing wall without rushing it.

Screams rose up from the Class D students all over the place. The defending students making up the outer wall are slowly diminishing in numbers.

"Stand up! Grab their legs and pull them down!".

Sudou's unreasonable words of encouragement were drowned out by the angry bellows of our opponents.

Class C repeatedly used elbow strikes that almost wandered into foul play territory and in no time, they broke through to the inner wall. Katsuragi and the others from Class A have also advanced to the point that they could almost touch the flag but I wonder if they'll make it in time.