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I’m starting to find this meddlesome couple repulsive. It’ll be faster if I let them watch. -So, I thought about that and dragged them to the main street. Then, I pointed at the opposite sidewalk. …Amano-kun and Chiaki-san are walking lovingly together.

When they saw that scene, their reaction was…

“Ah, …ah, …well, …hmm, now that I’m looking, …well…”

They followed those two with me closely as they crossed their arms in front of their chests. They are mumbling something. …So, 10 seconds passed.

In the end, -they dropped a familiar conclusion at the same time.”

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“Hey, isn’t there too little space for interpretation!?”

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I looked at my ex-boyfriend’s intimate scene with a dead fish’s eyes. Then, I laughed helplessly.

“It’s okay. You two can laugh at a pathetic woman like me as much as you watch. I wanted to compete fair and square, so I supported my rival. In the end, my power as a woman was immediately surpassed by Chiaki-san in one stroke. Please, feel free to laugh at me!”

“What a miserable way to start a new year!”

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They are looking at me with tearful eyes. …D-Don’t sympathize with me too much, please? It’s so upsetting that I’m about to cry.


The three of us trailed behind Keita Amano and Chiaki Hoshinomori closely with a funeral-like mood. …W-What the hell am I doing during the new year? I’m leading a depressed couple to stalk my ex-boyfriend. This is way too low for an activity in the new year.

I took a deep breath and tried to suggest to Uehara-kun to stop something this pointless-


-During this time, I discovered another guy and girl with familiar faces behind them.

As if they were following my sight, Uehara-kun and Aguri-san turned around as well.

So, in that direction, …we can see Konoha-san’s embarrassed face, and Kousei Amano-kun, who looks quite pissed.