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At that thought, Qiu Hong immediately called Xi Hao.

“Pack up all the completed games in the current Destitution Plan and send them all to Dawn Games platform!”

“I can’t watch such a good platform collapse.”

“Post all of our games on it. After all, the Destitution Plan has developed until now and accumulated a group of more rational and supportive players. It will definitely improve the ecology of the entire platform!”

“It might not have too obvious an effect, but it can be considered our little effort!”

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September 3rd, Monday…

Pei Qian spent a carefree weekend playing games at home for two days.

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It was the weekend. Tengda was on holiday. As the boss, Pei Qian had to rest well.

What? Something might go wrong with some businesses over the weekend?

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All the departments were not working over the weekend. There was nothing they could do even if he knew about it. It would only increase his worries and make him feel uneasy over the weekend.

Therefore, he should rest during the weekend and not think about the company at all.

No matter what happened, he would deal with it on Monday.

Pei Qian felt that he had already arranged for the system to be obedient. He would be able to earn a lot from every settlement. Why should he be so afraid?

It was Monday. As usual, Pei Qian arrived at the office after having lunch at home and prepared to go through the process.

He read the reports from the various departments first, then wrapped himself in a small blanket to watch a show. He could get off work when it was time.