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[I-I see~ That’s true isn’t it! Well then, I guess I have no other choice. I actually had all sorts of things planned for tomorrow, but I’ll make a special appearance, just for you.]

While it wasn’t very straightforward, it was a small price to pay to get her to push forward with her studies.

[What should I bring with me?]

“I have everything you’d need in my room already. Just don’t be late and that should be fine.”

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“Well then, I’ll be hanging up now.”

[Wha!? Hold up! Wait! We’ve, like, only talked about the special exam and studying so far, though!]

Apparently, she wanted to chat about something completely unrelated to any of that.

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“I guess you’re right about that.”

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[Hrmph, you seriously…]

While we didn’t talk about anything related to the exam or studying after that, she continued to chew me out nonetheless.

(Part 1 End)

On Friday, the fifth day of the special exam, the number of pairs finalized had increased to 81, meaning that a little over half of all students had made their decisions. The number of students in Class 2-D who had found a partner had begun to increase as well.

The same was true of those whom I was close with. I had already known about Kei’s decision due to our talk yesterday, but both Airi and Haruka from the Ayanokōji Group made theirs as well. The driving force behind this had been none other than Kushida. She was largely responsible for introducing our classmates to students from Class 1-B thanks to her collaboration with Yagami, an underclassman from the same middle school as her. However, this was by no means a perfect solution for everything. Although Yagami was gradually gaining a positive reputation within his own class, it didn’t seem like he had any intention of being a leader. As such, he was simply cooperating with us as an individual. It wasn’t reasonable to expect him to be able to provide enough students to cover for everyone who needed a partner in Class 2-D.

Yagami had offered his help under only one condition: That he partner up with Kushida.

And, as indicated by the information provided in the OAA app, that was exactly what had happened yesterday.

We had to use Kushida, one of our more academically capable students, but Horikita didn’t seem to be dissatisfied with that in the slightest because the benefits had far outweighed the cost incurred. Besides, we still had several talented students left on the table, such as Yōsuke, Keisei, Mii-chan, Matsushita, and even Horikita herself.

In any case, just because one’s partner had been finalized didn’t mean that one could just take it easy.