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I took a sip of my coffee and spoke up calmly.

“…Aguri-san, what would you feel if someone says it’s healthier to eat vegetables when you’re eating a slice of pizza?”

“Shut up, you’re annoying.”

“See? That’s what I’m feeling now.”

Aguri-san sighed at my conclusion.

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“Amanocchi is only good at coming up with weirdly convincing excuses…”

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“Oi, I’m not praising you. …Ha.”

It looks like there’s a long way before I can deal with people properly.

Chapter 7 – Tasuku Uehara and High School Debut 2

The second episode of Tasuku’s high school debut!

This is the birth of the current normie, Tasuku!?

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My girlfriend Aguri asked me when we’re on our way home today. “Hey.”

“What’s Tasuku’s experience on your high school debut image?”

“Ah, well. Let me think…”

I remembered what I was like a year and a half ago and answered her.

“First of all, put gel on your hair and spike them up to the point that Square Enix characters tighten their anuses.”