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Is there 0 to put online to make money?


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She bit her lip and nodded.

In addition to having her own cheat being seen through, she was even entrapped by the opponent’s cheat – even the president will have to admit defeat.

「The right to order the president to do any one thing, how shall I use it…」

The student council president has a variety of rights, such as allocating the site for club activities and holding events such as Tanabata and the New Year’s Countdown, Rose said.

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But I’m not particularly dissatisfied with the current Thousand Blade Academy.

Everyone in Class A is a good person and I am very happy with the classes and facilities.

(…Honestly, I have nothing to ask of the president.)

As I was worried about what to do with this useless right,

「A-Ahー! That look on your face, you’re thinking of something perverted aren’t you!? You’re going to do something perverted to me!」

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The president said mean things to embarrass me.

……If you’re going to do that, then I have an idea of my own too.

「You’re right… Certainly, I can ask for such a thing.」