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“But I’m curious as to why you and Ayanokouji-kun are secretly meeting, Ishizaki.”

Although I’d never spoken to Nishino, she seemed to be the type who spoke her mind without hesitation.

People like her made enemies easily. However, it was only natural for her to be incredulous, seeing us meeting secretly. Chasing her away without giving an explanation would only backfire on us, so I decided to tell Nishino about what Ishizaki and I were going to discuss.

“Our relationship became better after being in the same group in last year’s Mixed Training Camp.”

First, I told her how our current relationship got to here, and then got to the topic at hand.

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“I contacted Ishizaki because I wanted to ask him a few questions about Komiya from your class. I decided to meet here because this conversation isn’t meant for others to hear.”

“Because of Komiya-kun? What’s going on?”

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She didn’t drop the suffix while talking about Komiya. I explained my reasons as I held that impression.

“I heard that he and Shinohara from my class decided to form a group. Do you know about this?”

“No, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it. But it’s not that strange, right?”

Wanting to team up with someone from another class was indeed nothing out of the ordinary.

So it wasn’t unreasonable for Ishizaki to find my asking about it to be a bit strange.