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‘Steamed Chinese Cabbage in Supreme Soup’ completely embodied what Branch Manager Lin had been saying about the competition being which dish could taste blander. No modern artificial flavoring had been added, and the soup looked extremely clear. Yet, its blandness also contained an exquisite taste. Elena nodded. “Branch Manager Lin, your words make a lot of sense. They’ve been of great help to me. Thank you! How do you view the difference between Western and Chinese cuisine, Branch Manager Lin? Which do you think is better?”

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Lin Canrong smiled. “Deliciousness is subjective. Everyone’s taste is different. I don’t think there’s a need to say that one is better than the other.

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“Every dish has its roots in its culture. What’s more, Western cuisine seems to be more acceptable to the rest of the world now because Western culture has been more widely accepted.

“Many people are also content with a smattering of knowledge about Chinese cuisine. They judge the food based purely on how intense the flavors are. Obviously, they would be reviewing Chinese cuisine based on the wrong system, and it would be impossible for them to arrive at the right conclusions.

“The beauty of Chinese cuisine has to be understood against its specific cultural backdrop. It’s not just food to satisfy one’s appetite, but it’s also an expression of thought and philosophy. “Take a very common dish, Dongpo Pork[1], for example. If you don’t understand its historical background, it would be no different from ordinary braised pork. “However, if you know the story of Su Dongpo, the reason why he invented this dish and even saw the beautiful scenery by the West Lake in Spring... then, the meaning of the dish would be different altogether.

“Only one who has read Su Dongpo’s poems and seen his calligraphy can taste Dongpo Pork; otherwise, one would only be eating ordinary braised pork.

“Many Westerners don’t understand these and review Chinese cuisine according to Western standards. Of course, they would arrive at the conclusion that Chinese cuisine is worse than Western. However, that would be an obvious mistake.

“Going back to your initial question... “I don’t think it’s wrong for modern Western cuisine to pursue an exquisite taste by controlling quantities. I also don’t think that it’s wrong for Chinese cuisine to focus on its culture.

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“Our restaurant does not discriminate against either style but strives to understand every single dish while providing a taste that would best appeal to and suit our diners.”

Jia Nuo elegantly and concisely translated Lin Canrong’s speech while fully capturing the meaning behind every word.

Elena nodded profusely. At last, she sincerely said, “I see! Branch Manager Lin, you have a deep understanding of food indeed. I’m amazed!”

Jessica was moved as well. “I will get rid of my prejudice against Chinese cuisine. So it’s not that it tastes horrible, but that other Chinese restaurants do not measure up.”

Lin Canrong smiled. “Not at all. I am just a struggling student, trying to understand the extensive and profound food culture.”

Elena said, “Branch Manager Lin, I am actually a food blogger. Can I write everything that I experienced today on my blog? You have a unique understanding of the food and beverage industry, and you’ve given me a whole new perspective.” Still smiling, Lin Canrong nodded. “Of course, you can.”