Fuzhou online part-time money

Fuzhou online part-time money

He had indeed spoken to Boss Pei about domestically-produced games before. Boss Pei seemed to be sorry about the catastrophe of standalone games ten years ago as well.

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Could Boss Pei have come up with this ‘Destitution Plan’ purely to support the domestic standalone games industry? Could he really not care about earning money?

If that was the case, Qiu Hong had to consider the title of the plan more closely.

Destitution Plan...

Why had the plan been given that name?

On one hand, it could be said that the entire domestically-produced standalone games industry had been on the path to destitution. On the other hand, it could be said that the plan is meant to help those who were on the path to destitution and on the verge of collapse such as independent games companies and standalone game developers.

If Qiu Hong had come up with a similar plan when he first started his own business, would he have ended up in a different place?

After figuring this out, Qiu Hong looked at Boss Pei with a renewed gaze. All of a sudden, he could see the glow of an idealist around the latter.

There was no empty talk or tricks. The name of the plan alone had moved Qiu Hong deeply!

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Yet, how was he to explain his performance bonus?

He was not complaining that there was too little; he just found it hard to understand.

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At that thought, Qiu Hong nodded. “Boss Pei, I think I understand now.

“However, I still don’t understand a couple of details. There are so many other companies. How exactly do you plan to screen them all? Are you sure that my performance bonus is not based on investment income?”

When he heard the words ‘I understand’, Pei Qian instinctively sighed.

After drinking a mouthful of tea, he explained, “We’ll screen them in a very simple way.

“Search the entire country for teams that produce standalone games and independent games, but don’t announce the relationship between the ‘Destitution Plan’ and Tengda Games.

“Of course, we will reimburse you for all your travel expenses.

“There is a very simple standard to hold the teams so you can decide which ones meet the criteria: don’t invest in projects that you find very reliable or very ridiculous. As for what constitutes ‘reliable’, you can decide.

“There is something that you have to take note of. All the games must be buy-to-play and must not have any in-game purchases.