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“I say. You got me there…… that’s right, me of all people, what I took as the origin of the fight was so far off. That’s good, brother. Amazing.”


“A bleeding nose, forehead split open, and face dyed bright red, but your eyes got the same glare. Those eyes… they kind of remind me of the days when I was a bit green, yeh.”

And while laughing, Bro looked at me with a warm gaze, squinting as if nostalgic of the old days somewhere.

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“Hah~, somehow, I’m completely not in that mood… Ah, brother…. you have two new choices.”


“For the time being, I can still fight too, so will we continue on as is… Or, the money Date took…… I can’t give it back, but I’ll treat you to as much, yeh.”

“…eh, ah? Err?”

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When I realized that the atmosphere of the scene was no longer fit for a fight, Bro gave his suggestion.

Not only me but the proposal also surprised Bro’s friends and merchants.

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“No, eh…… Why!?”

“Damn cheeky rebellious brat… I don’t hate it. I was one… we all were… so, I kinda missed that feeling.”

And, while presenting my options, somehow the person himself already lost the will to fight, Bro stood up, hopping on one foot and approached me, and acted really familiar with his arm on my shoulders.

“Yeah, ah, get off! That’s why I…”