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「Certainly. The participation fee is 1000 gold.」

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While thanking Paula-san in my heart, I took out the 1000 gold bill from my frog wallet and handed it to the receptionist.

「Thank you very much. Can you tell me your name and the school you belong to?」

「I am Allen Rodore. My school is, well…」

I never thought that I would be asked about my school.

「Allen Rodore-sama, which school are you from?」

I have been asked twice.

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Apparently, I must give a school name.

「Th-That is… I don’t belong to any school… I am… self-taught」

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Anti-climatically, I answered「self-taught」.

「Puh… self-taught, yes…? C-Certainly…!」

The receptionist desperately tried to suppress her laughter and proceeded with the registration work with trembling hands.

Almost all swordsmen belong to some sort of school.

Swordsmen who do not belong to any school are limited to those who are very eccentric or have no ability to enter a school.

It’s natural to be laughed at because this dropout is going to participate in this Sword Festival which aims to gather talented contestants.

After finishing the registration, I exited the line and sighed.

(Haa… that was a little embarrassing…)

No, it has already passed.