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Things would not go wrong if producers tried their best to replicate the hand sensitivity in Counter Strike.

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However, the problem laid here. No matter how closely they tried to replicate the game, there was no way it would surpass the original game itself.

Bullet Hole attempted to replicate Counter Strike’s hand sensitivity. However, it was hard for them to reach the height Counter Strike was at due to some imperfections and inadequacies.

Even though Chen Sha suggested several amendments to improve Bullet Hole’s gaming experience, even he could not specify what the minor differences between the two games were!

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‘Intuition’ itself was something hard to quantify. Sometimes, one might know that a problem existed but would find it hard to pinpoint what amendments were needed.

Ocean Stronghold, on the other hand, went down a completely different path!

Chen Sha knew that from the moment he experienced the story mode.

The game’s hand sensitivity differed largely from Counter Strike!

For instance, shooting was much more stable in Ocean Stronghold. The recoil patterns of its guns were much simpler, landing a headshot was much easier, and lesser time was needed to switch weapons and open the scope...

Chen Sha’s first impression was that the game was very satisfying!

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Counter Strike was an FPS game that required high concentration levels and possessed difficult techniques. Meanwhile, Ocean Stronghold greatly reduced the learning curve of the game to make shooting games much simpler and more satisfying!

If Chen Sha was to experience the game’s hand sensitivity during combat mode, he might develop a slight dislike towards the game.

Reducing the learning curve of the game was terrible news to players like him who had spent years mastering Counter Strike and had devoted much time to perfecting their techniques in the game.

However, Chen Sha had been experiencing the game’s story mode.

A lower requirement for shooting greatly improved gameplay in story mode. Chen Sha felt that the experience was smooth like silk and found it hard to break away from the game!

Although the story mode restricted the number of bullets the protagonist had, Chen Sha had a wonderful time fighting waves of zombies with his skills in switching weapons and shooting. The main reason for that was that Ocean Stronghold had greatly reduced the difficulty of the game. That made the gaming experience much more satisfying!

After spending a few hours completing the story mode, Chen Sha surprisingly realized that he had become accustomed to the lower-difficulty game controls. He had completely gotten rid of his dislike towards the difficulty level of the game controls!

It made him feel as though switching weapons should originally be so fast and countering recoils should be that easy!