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A mysterious demon dressed in a purple robe that covers the whole body.

I raised my voice and prepared myself.

『...... Oi...... well, I never... child...』


『Can you hear my voice? Do you recognize my presence?』

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“W-What the hell are you saying! Wait, how did you get into this room? Are you a demon? A robber!?”

『What!? How has this occurred... by no means..... has something changed in my fifteen years of solitude?』

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Fifteen years? What’s this guy talking about? No matter how you think about it, he doesn’t seem to be tangible, and yet I feel a strange presence.

This guy isn’t normal!

“Little man... you’re noisy. Did you actually try to pull out the sword?”

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“Sadiz! Watch out, there’s some strange guy here!”


At that time, Sadiz heard the commotion and came in holding some cleaning supplies.

There is no a problem with this.

Although Sadiz is a maid, she has graduated from the Academy with excellent grades and is qualified as a 【Superior Warrior】.

I don’t know why she is content with being my exclusive maid, but when I was a kid, she was as talented as my personal escort.

With both Sadiz and I, no matter who this guy is, he’s...