Is there anyone using mobile phones online?

Is there anyone using mobile phones online?

They had made ample preparations for SUG to win the entire set of ‘best-of-five’ matches. FV Club was not that well-prepared. On the contrary, the other party must have studied FV’s playing style.

What’s more, the other party had just won the set of ‘best-of-five’ matches. Both their morale and state were at their peak. It was highly likely that they would win against FV in one go.

Pei Qian and Zhao Xuming were in the audience and backstage of the recording studio, patiently waiting for FV Club to fail.

The competition continued as the audience cheered and shouted.

In the first round, FV Club’s playing style seemed to have been figured out by the other party. The players were not in the right state either, and their performance was a little abnormal. They resisted symbolically for a while before being flattened.

Zhao Xuming was overjoyed. He asked the fake reviewers on the internet to work harder on FV Club and Tengda.

In the second round, FV Club changed to a new tactic that they had never used before. They won through a surprise attack. They managed to get back at them even though there were some twists and turns in the middle.

FV Club made a small mistake and was caught by the opponent in the third round. They lost by one move and the opponent won two points.

In the fourth round, FV Club fought for close to fifty minutes. In the end, they narrowly won.

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After four rounds, both sides arrived at the deciding round.

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Pei Qian looked at his watch. It was already past eight in the evening. The audience had already entered a state of hopelessness. All of them slumped weakly in their chairs, occasionally shaking the empty drinks cup in their hands. They licked their dry lips and helplessly put them down.

They had no choice, they kept cheering until their throats were hoarse.

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Some of the audience could not take it anymore and wanted to leave. However, they gritted their teeth and persevered considering that it was already the fifth game.