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He had tried to frame Horikita, but he didn’t try to get her to drop out of school. It’s hard to say, but it seems like he is pretty passionate about getting Horikita to admit defeat. He shouldn’t find this form of victory to be very ideal. Besides, he still doesn’t know the truth about me. Would he rule out the key figure working behind Horikita?

“But what if she lies to get the answers? She might say that she wants to raise her personal score and keep the bet hidden.”

“Ryūen-kun should be able to see through it. If Kushida wants the answers to the math problems, logically, he’d look for a reason for it, right?”

“Well, sure.”

But even so, there’s no absolute guarantee. She might successfully deceive Ryūen.

Although I would like for her to consider it, it would be hard on Horikita to be that demanding.

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“This is a dangerous bet with no absolute guarantee.”

“That’s always the case, no matter what kind of exam it is. It’s easier if you sacrifice yourself.”

For Horikita, it should have been unexpected for me to join in on the bet.

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However, it seems that this is how Horikita had planned on dealing with Kushida.

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She made it credible by bringing in the former student council president as a witness, and she promised to drop out of school on her own accord while promising not to tell anyone about her past.

“There’s no way out from here. If you’re going to do this bet, you absolutely have to win.”