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She pulled out the short sword fastened at her hips, and thrusted it towards my neck. However,

A sound as though metal and rock collided, reverberated.

「What… the hell…!?」

Perhaps the sword was rusty. As Thor’s attack did not penetrate my skin.


Throwing away the short sword, she distanced herself from me in an agile movement.

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「Oi Oi, what is that creature? I’ve never heard of a human which a blade can’t cut…!?」

「Zahahahaha! He’s sparkling nicely! Still immature, but… this guy will shine brilliantly someday!」

While Zack and Thor were talking, I ran towards them.

「Let go of… Ria…!」

「…Tch. We don’t have enough time to deal with an unknown beast like you!」

The moment Thor spread the black cloak over her body.


A large amount of bats flew out of it.