Someone taking you on the Internet really fake

Someone taking you on the Internet really fake

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Besides, Pei Qian’s hopes weren’t placed entirely on the original arts.

His game itself was made using a template with a singular gameplay.

Other than art and music resources, he hadn’t spent much effort to create it nor were there any striking features.

Besides, he did not intend to use money to publicize it as well. He was just going to let it be published on the platform and die on its own.

Once a week passes without him earning, that would count as a successful loss.

Therefore, after much consideration, he could only use those original arts.

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Pei Qian opened the game editor and implemented the original arts as cards into the game. He then had Ma Yang check for any bugs.

After looking at the original arts, Ma Yang spoke after a long time, “Amazing!”

He was truly stunned – he had not expected that the images he had spent so much effort in designing had been drawn so amazingly!

Pei Qian replied indifferently, “The main point was because you did a good job in filling up the requirement form, giving the artists inspiration.”

Ma Yang beamed brightly. “For real? That’s great! To think that I was so talented in this aspect!”

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A casual compliment from Pei Qian was enough to make Ma Yang so happy he could almost forget his surname.

To that, Pei Qian was extremely pleased. As long as Ma Yang kept up with this working attitude, he would be of great help for future projects!

Apart from these, there was the problem with the environment. Souls-like games were not successful from the beginning. They had gone through a period of having very low sales.

From the earliest-released Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3… all the way to Sekiro; the difficulty level decreased progressively. While maintaining Souls-like games’ essence, the game creators lowered their difficulty to cause an increase in sales volume.

This proved that the more difficult games were, the lower their sales volume would be.