What kind of game platform for making money online

What kind of game platform for making money online

When Pei Qian would frequently surf Aili Island’s website when he had nothing to do. Naturally, he saw the video that Lin Jiaqiang uploaded.

Pei Qian knew that things were not looking good looking at this video!

However, he still had some hope in his heart.

What if it was just hot, but it did not have a significant effect on the smart fitness drying rack?

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Pei Qian realized that he had been overthinking after reading Otto Technologies’ summary.

The new G1 cell phones and smart fitness drying rack had all been sold out. Until now, they had been sold out intermittently.

The manufacturing factory was taking the time to produce. After receiving larger orders from the smart fitness drying rack, they even opened a new production line. It could be said that they were fully stocked.

Pei Qian glanced at the number on the smart fitness drying rack and felt a little dizzy.

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In the beginning, he had asked Chang You to grit his teeth and prepare the goods. However, he had only prepared 10,000 units.

But now, 10,000 units have been sold out. Another 10,000 orders had been sent!

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The numbers were the same but the initial 10,000 units had been in stock for a long time. He had intended to sell them for a year and a half, but he had not expected them to collapse so quickly!

The second batch of 10,000 units would not last long either.

The scariest thing was that there were actually huge orders inside. A gym called “Star Bird Fitness” had ordered more than a 100 units, and they would buy more in the future!

Otto Technologies’ products were all very expensive. However, once it started selling, it would make money like running water.

The profits of the smart fitness drying rack were not high. Apart from the cost of raw materials that the equipment could not be reduced due to high quality requirements, logistics, storage, delivery, and moving services were also a huge cost.

Each smart fitness drying rack would only earn about 200 yuan without considering Upwind Logistics’ expenses.

However, when the number increased, 10,000 units would still be two million yuan in profit.

Given Tengda’s current profitability, two million yuan was not even enough to burn money once. However, don’t forget that there was still the internal purchase of Fitness Battle!