What is more reliable now?

What is more reliable now?

(Here, I have to close the distance in the usual way, after all…!)

After deciding on the next move, I acted promptly.

「First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

I quickly swung the sword three times and shot three jet-black slashes in succession.

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(Against this guy, testing him out with one slash is completely useless…)

At my present strength, I just have to unleash the most powerful slashes I can and rain down First Sword on him.

The three Flying Shadow tear up the dry earth underneath, moving in a straight line towards Zeon.

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I hid myself in one of them and closed the distance while not letting him grasp my position.

「Ha, what the hell is that? That’s a pretty weakass darkness… Yo!」

Zeon stopped the approaching three slashes with his left hand and easily crushed them.

(As usual, a monstrous physical ability…)

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The smoke screen of Flying Shadow disappeared, and our gazes met.