How to make money on online clothes

How to make money on online clothes

“All in all… We have to think of additional services to add to the cell phones so that they are valued for money.”

With this new conversation opening from Chang You, the others began offering suggestions once again.

“What if we intensify the replacement services? We could allow customers to trade in their older models each time we produce a new one. We’ll give them five hundred yuan on top of their old models’ valuations. This way, we could encourage customers to stick to our brand.”

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“I think we could make our packaging more exquisite. We’ll choose the best factory-installed screen protectors and casings to increase the value of our cell phones.”

“We could also partner with various application developers, such as video websites. The application could be pre-installed in the cell phones, and our customers could enjoy members’ benefits when they watch videos.”

Everyone discussed freely and came up with many ideas. Some were expensive, and others were not so expensive. Still, even if they executed all the ideas, it seemed unlikely that they would be able to increase each cell phone’s value to eight thousand yuan. After all, Pei Qian had stipulated that he only wanted a five percent profit margin. If the cost of the cell phone ended up being far less than eight thousand yuan, Chang You would have a hard time explaining himself to Boss Pei.

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After some time, everyone reached their wits’ end and fell silent.

That was to be expected. The cell phone industry had high barriers to entry. The large companies’ flagship models were also all value for money and not lacking in any way.

Even though Chang You and his team could make use of the new technologies that they picked up during their time at Hongcheng Technologies, the team’s research and development capabilities were still a far cry from international companies like Shenhua.

Thus, no matter how hard everyone worked, any product they could come up with would be valued at six thousand yuan at the most. The additional benefits could push it up to seven thousand… but not to eight thousand yuan.

Chang You looked around at everyone else and said, “Please continue thinking of ideas. If we still cannot reach eight thousand yuan, we might have to buy expensive, custom-made hardware.”

They could push the cell phone’s value up if they purchased custom-made hardware, but such hardware had very low price-quality ratios. A small company like Otto Technologies could be seen as a foolish spendthrift.

Just when everyone was feeling helpless, Lin Wan spoke up. “If we work together with other video websites and software companies, the most they could offer is a membership. It would be very difficult to get anything more than that.

“I can talk to the other companies under Tengda. We would probably get better benefits that would increase the value of our cell phones by much more. “For example…

“Fei Huang Workspace could give our customers two tickets to the pre-screening of every new movie they film.

“Fish-Catching Internet Cafe could give our customers lifetime memberships, allowing them to enjoy discounted prices and a free drink every day.

“Once they link their game account to their phones, we could also give them one Tengda game every year.

“Zhongdian Chinese Network could also grant our customers lifetime membership, which could give them discounted subscription fees, additional recommendation votes, and monthly votes.