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Paula-san became teary-eyed.

「Oh, no, I…! Old age has loosened up my tear glands it seems…!」

Saying that, Paula-san rubbed her eyes with both hands.

「-Fine. Come here whenever you feel hungry! I will give you as much food as you want!」

「Yes! I will definitely come to eat your cooking again!」

Her dishes are a superb piece of work.

I will never forget those stimulating and hearty dishes.

「Well then, I’ll be leaving now.」

「I don’t know if it’s called the Thousand Blade Academy or Ten Thousand Blade Academy – but make sure to reach the summit!」

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In this way, the Dropout Swordsman Allen-Rodore of Gran Swordsmanship Academy successfully graduated, and from tomorrow onwards became – Swordsman Allen-Rodore of Thousand Blade Academy.

After bidding farewell to Paula-san, I headed for Thousand Blade Academy’s dormitory.

The key to the dormitory has been mailed by the academy during the admission process, so it is already in my pocket.

「Now then – I’m coming in.」

I know there isn’t anyone here – but I always end up saying it when going home.