Is there a movie that makes money online?

Is there a movie that makes money online?

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Wouldn’t Pei Qian still have to wreck his brains to come up with a way to spend this money?!

Sh*t, he had celebrated too early!

Although he had completed the previous settlement unscathed, he still had to deal with Fei Huang Workspace’s profitable business during this cycle!

Pei Qian cleared his throat and handed the cell phone back to Huang Sibo.

“Not bad, but you have to work harder.

“What’s Fei Huang Workspace’s plan for the future?”

Huang Sibo smiled and answered, “Director Zhu Xiaoce and I have discussed this, and we decided to continue filming A Day in a Great Inventor’s Life. We’ll try to turn this program into an extremely influential IP project!

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“At the moment, it looks like the online shop model is working. We’ve already accomplished our initial goal, which was to turn Fei Huang Workspace’s losses into profit. We intend to keep working hard in order to maximize our revenue!”

Pei Qian fell silent and did not reply.

Huang Sibo’s heart thudded as he realized that there was something amiss with Boss Pei’s reaction.

Why? Didn’t Boss Pei smile earlier on? Why did he look so stern now?

After all, Huang Sibo had been one of Boss Pei’s first employees. He could easily detect and understand Boss Pei’s mood.

After some thought, Huang Sibo quickly realized the reason for this.

I understand now.