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It seemed like Horikita had already noticed a loophole in this exam. According to the rules, only the first 5 groups to withdraw would get expelled. In that case, if we intentionally prepared 5 sacrificial groups and let them withdraw, the rest of the students wouldn’t have to worry about getting expelled. However, to do this, a total of 30 million private points would need to be prepared, not to mention the fact that the years of the top three groups would take class points from the years of the bottom three groups. Even if the groups were in the same grade, the rewards would be decreased by a bit. It didn’t have any benefit at all. The fact that the top three and the bottom three groups were linked together could be considered as the school’s way of trying to prevent such improper methods.

“I guess it’s up to us to do our best to win in the exam.”

“That’s right. Can I consult with you again?”

Horikita, who had stopped walking, said that.

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“As long as it’s within my abilities to do so.”

“That’s enough, thank you.”

It seemed like Horikita had something to talk about with someone, as she returned to the classroom.

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I watched Horikita’s back as she left, and decided to head for the exit.

I was on my way from the corridor to the exit.

The person who greeted me as I was looking at the black screen before the phone turned on, was a student of Class 2-B, Ishizaki Daichi, who had a smile plastered on his face. Had he encountered some good news?

“I tried to contact you through your cell phone, but there was no response, so I came straight to you.

“Sorry about that, my phone happened to run out of battery.”

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“That’s nothing! Need some of your time right now, alright?”

“Am I going to be threatened?”