There is more free time.

There is more free time.

Indeed, my figures aren’t as attractive as a normal girl. Including my chest, everyone is thin and slim. When I look at myself in the mirror, I always feel like I’m like a match stick.

Moreover, my hair is short, my clothing is on the neutral side, and my voice is deep. The worst part is that I never smooth out my way of talking. …Naturally, there’s a pretty high chance that someone who met me for the first time will see me as a “more neutral guy.” This is me, a girl named Ayumu Kiriya.

It’s just that in the past, a misunderstanding like this didn’t bother me too much. I’m always in a girl’s uniform until the end of high school. Although people did mock me for looking like a guy, they can still recognize my gender.

People think that I’m a boyfriend when I’m with my female friends on holidays. The mood got embarrassing when the staff member in the outlet store thought I was a guy. …Situations like this happen all the time in my daily life.

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Well, Amano’s different. …It’s my first time to share a close relationship with a guy that thinks I’m of the same gender as he does.

(Sigh, even though I’m the one lying to him right now…)

The reason for that is because you can see from Amano’s appearance. He’s a very introverted otaku teenager. If I revealed that I’m a girl, a coward like him will never “casually enter a single university girl’s room” ever again. If I have to record gameplay videos from him, this will become a very fatal mistake.

In the end, he has no idea of the two secrets: he’s being recorded, and Ayumu Kiriya is actually a girl. Yet, he still came into my house and played games with me innocently. …This is the current situation.

(His alias “Jiraiya” is really suitable to him right now…)

Amano, he’s the guy that unknowingly carried a bunch of landmines.

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I can feel that my shoulders are getting heavy, so I can’t help but started rubbing my neck. Just as I’m doing that, Amano got restless and asked me.

“Can I ask…aren’t we going to play games?”

“Eh? R-Right, we’re playing. Sorry, just a second.”

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This is different. I would usually put a great effort into managing my schedule and progress strictly. The current unusual situation took up all my mind, and I can’t help but feel at a loss.